Ecological Art – The New Age’s Aesthetics

Welcome to Marianna Sisson’s Boutique  An UNIQE selection  of craft,  surprising and fantastic


We all want to be, to feel, to experience, to be, to sense the smells and textures around us… Introducing #The_Next_Big_Thing_In_Interior_Design_And_Architecture Upgrade and design of spaces with Customized_Art For perfect, aesthetic, and harmonious projects.

I developed for you the Perfect Solution

The integration of art is done during the planning phase at the visualization stage – recommended before submitting to the final client. The art is implemented in any  material you can dream of


Discover the captivating world of Marianna Sisson, a passionate designer and artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces that highlight the beauty of green design. Marianna’s bespoke creations are carefully crafted using sustainable materials and upcycled components, including elements of Japanese Kin Tsugi philosophy which seeks to transform broken objects into breathtaking pieces of art. Every item she produces is functional, elegant, and mindful of the environment. Marianna works with architects, designers, and real estate companies to ensure that her designs blend effortlessly into their surroundings. Her commitment to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact is an inspiration to us all. Join Marianna in the ecological revolution and take the first step towards creating a more sustainable world. Admire her remarkable creations and experience the magic that is Marianna Sisson’s green design!



Size: 48/48 | 69/69 | 180/100