Kids Room

IT’S A KIDS WORLD LET’S PLAY   I design experiences and feelings, when I approach to design the space, my reference is actually a person who experiences his environment and how he perceives it work levels : 

1. Conceptual planning: A. Early planning, sketches, design alternatives, taking into account the customer’s needs and the space program (unlimited).

B. Gushnet visualization during all phases of the project. + Prior to beginning work on programs, customers will be shown a dynamic visualization + In order to make it easier for the customers and to streamline the process, it will be possible to hold online meetings to view the simulation and update it correctly most for the program while presenting options.
2. Preparation of detailed construction plans that include:
A. Change plan (demolition + construction) B. Furniture placement plan third. Electricity plan (telephone, network, TV, smart home, indoor and outdoor cameras, etc. – in combination with a consultant on behalf of the executing company). D.installation plan (location of accessories, interior and exterior). E. Air conditioning program (in conjunction with a consultant on behalf of the executing company). and. The low ceiling program
G. Lighting plan 3. Preparing detailed design plans that include: A. Floor plan B. Wall finishing plan (selection of shades, wallpapers, decorative construction details) third. Bathroom layouts) floor, walls, end fittings, gun tone d. Kitchen plan – general arrangement (detailed planning for the kitchen – accompaniment with the executing company) God. Carpentry plans for the whole space Additional extensions and services: costume made design – ART.4 A. Graphic design (for wallpapers/prints) in a personal design according to the concept of the space B. Designing art in a personal design, customized to the client’s character, the shades of the space, etc. 5. Project support  A. From the beginning of the construction works to their completion. B. The offer includes audits, supervision and superior accompaniment. third. The proposal includes meetings for the needs of characterizing a purchase program and planning: kitchen, sanitary accessories, Flooring and coverings, lighting fixtures and curtains and basically everything down to the small towels and the candle