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About Us

Experienced and Friendly

Marianna – multi-disciplinary interior designer

My name is Mariana Sisson, I was born in 1985 in Minsk, Belarus
In 1991 I’ve repatriated to Israel, and since then I have been living in Rishon Letzion

I made my first steps in the field of design at the age of 16, when I was first exposed to the field and acquired practical tools on the interior design and architecture course of study. From that moment I fell in love with the world of design, which led me to acquire a professional education in the field

on behalf of Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T.)

and in 2012 I have completed B.DESIGN degree

I have studied and specialized in the field of home design and the commercial spaces, and thus the design became an integral part of my life and personality

Over the years, I have worked as an interior designer at leading Architectural Bureaus in Israel, but the significant leap was made when I opened an independent office in 2014 that specializes in multi-disciplinary interior design and home styling. In addition, I am a member of the Organization and the Association of Designers and I am running a wallpaper in the building and housing internet forum

The process

When I approach a project, I approach it objectively

I come from a place of analysis of customer needs and a deep understanding of his dreams Understanding that space can affect people is the responsibility and the vision that I wake up with every day

If we look more deeply at things it seems that the design affects our sensations


I try to imagine the people who will live / work / visit the project

What are their needs are and how to make the place more inviting and pleasant for them

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What is important to me in the room of my design

is the story that is transmitted from it

Each design has a message, a connection and a feeling

My ideas

Finding solutions outside the box

My inspiration

I want to influence the people’s sensations

My art

Creation of a unique unit

Something real

I want to create something that will remain over the years

I believe in dreams

When a dream becomes reality

it embodies “flesh and blood” The space transmits energies to us

that will affect our way of life

Properly designed rooms create a good

and relaxed atmosphere

 Love, if you shape the spaces in the best way,

they imbue us with relaxation or,

alternatively, create marvels or amazement

they design our lives


In each project I use a unique language of materials in terms of how they are used and finished. These materials are chosen according to the concept of the project – customer / user / budget – the materials convey to us the truth. We pay them a lot of attention.

We humans are interested in the sensation that matter creates for us

The materials are engraved in our memory

and create an environment that inspires sensations us

I believe in an in-depth familiarity with the client’s lifestyle, listening to his wishes and consequently understanding his vision, which lead to successful cooperation and desirable and high quality product

Working with me combines experience and familiarity with the best of existing products and suppliers with innovation and thinking outside the box. I work in unique and unconventional ways, with my desire to fulfill your dream for you.

Interior design affects sensations

We spend about 90 percent of our lives inside buildings.

Their design significantly affects our sensations, and our behavior.

Design is not only visual. This is a process accompanied by deep thought

All my projects start with strategy.

I place the users as the top priority and place the human experience at the beginning of the design process


Is the place that gives us confidence, frame, good feeling. A home can also be a workplace that is our second home where sometimes we spend more time than at home

Therefore, the experience we feel inside the room constitutes for me a cornerstone of the design

The space we are in helps us to unite with the world around us

Breaking all the rules

In everyday life dream realization it is not always possible, but in the interior design that comes from the architectural world, it is amazing to see how the dream embodies flesh and blood and becomes a reality in which we live

To reflect the customer

Every customer has different needs at the micro and macro levels that are important for his everyday management and functionality, so each project is fundamentally different from another. What is important is the shared feeling that space creates among customers that is calm, happy and even surrealistic.

Our sensation

Creation of a place that once you enter it, you simply relax or alternatively stand openmouthed

The place can create harmony, aesthetics or chaos that produces thought

To dictate trends is a process

And when the space we are in creates a sensation within us

I am, as a designer, feel that I did the job

My art defines me, and it is important for me to leave a mark, so that the beautiful spaces that I design will remain over the years, because all the art is custom made

My specialty – to create your dream

The experience and knowledge that I have accumulated over the years, and the curiosity that so characterizes me, allow me to be the guiding and supervising hand in all aspects of the project. I know how to anticipate scenarios and deal with stress situations that require complex solutions. I also keep contact and work with the best suppliers in Israel and abroad in the fields of multi-disciplinary interior design, art and home styling, all this allows me to make the best and most professional decisions for every customer, while an uncompromising quality is an inseparable part of the final product

I am here for you, always

My guiding principle is to get to know the story of the family or the client’s story and to be there for him, always and for every purpose,

whether it is commercial or personal,

 while our common way and the fact that I design a lifestyle for them  are my primary concern. In order to fulfill their dreams in the best aesthetic design way, I keep my finger on the pulse and keep up to date on the hottest trends in Israel and abroad, through meetings and exhibitions in the field of interior design and home styling. The process of working on a project is personal and close, so that it allows me to get familiar with the people involved and to identify needs that they themselves may not have known. This process, along with exclusive prices reserved for my clients, enables me to achieve our shared and desired goal